Social Club

French Social Club

Come and join us to practice your French and learn more about the French language and culture at various events throughout the year.

Come and Join us!

Each event gives you the opportunity to practice your French, to mingle with Francophiles and French speakers and to exchange travel tips with the like-minded. Lots of fun in French!

Bookings are essential, please contact us for our next event

“I have been taking lessons with Christine for more than three years and can confidently say that my French has greatly improved. Christine is a brilliant teacher who helped me throughout my journey of learning the French language. Regardless of my level, she always provided me with practical feedback, encouragement and motivation whenever needed. Having regular sessions with Christine allowed me to practise spoken French, thus improving my pronunciation and instilling confidence in my ability of speaking. On top of learning the language itself, having conversations with Christine allowed me to acquire a greater understanding of the French culture, current social problems and life skills. Christine was extremely helpful as she always provided me with consistent practice and motivation, the two most important aspects in learning a new language as a high school student.”
Brian K.
2017 IB - French B Standard Level: 93/100 (band 7) Overall IB score: 44